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Arguably the world's cutest ballerina, Arabesque will be dancing around Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary this Australia Day.
Cuddle monster Jake knows that Aus Day is all about quality time with mates. And he's got some great ones at Freedom Hill Sanctuary.
Vanilla is ready and waiting for her cruelty-free BBQ lunch. It's hungry work being this sweet. Vanilla lives at Freedom Hill Sanctuary.
Willow can't wait to 'knock a few back' with his friends at Free Hearts Animal Sanctuary.
Rescued lamb Sunday is looking forward to a day of relaxing in the sunshine at Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary.
Having fallen off the back of a truck destined for an abattoir, Banjo is grateful to be spending Australia Day (and the rest of her life) at Lefty's Place Sanctuary.
The very cheeky Wooly Harrelson loves an outdoor adventure at Little Oak Sanctuary. And every day is an adventure when you're a rescued lamb.
Being a 'black sheep' has brought only good luck for Daisy, who unlike most lambs, will get to live a full life at Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary .You can meet Daisy at the NSW sanctuary's annual Love a Lamb Day on January 26.
Friday can barely contain her excitement about Australia Day, and life in general. This little lamb got a lucky save by our friends at Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary.
Lucy wishes you a safe and happy Australia Day, from one Aussie to another. She is loving rescued life at Freedom Hill Sanctuary.


1 in 4 Aussies are now cutting out or cutting back on meat ... which makes eating kindly more and more 'Australian'! So grab an apron, fire up the barbie, and whip up a feast with these cruelty-free recipes that everyone will enjoy:

*Source: 11% of Australians self-identify as ‘vegetarian’ or ‘vegan’; Roy Morgan Research, 2015
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