IN THE NEWS: Joey survives after kangaroo shot near Winchelsea


IN THE NEWS: On APR 18, 2017

A TINY joey has miraculously survived after his mother was cruelly shot outside a Winchelsea farm last weekend.

The farm owner found the kangaroo shot on the edge of her property and called the Anglesea Wildlife Shelter when she saw the joey inside the mum’s pouch.

Shelter co-ordinator Tina Lawrence said it had a call from the farmer who was concerned for the joey’s wellbeing.

“We drove out there to where the kangaroo was lying and there was a little 500-gram pinky joey in the pouch. She had been there for a while so was quite cold,” she said.

“We got him out and into a warm container inside the car and got him back to my shelter at Anglesea. I called my friend who is a vet in Lara and we gave him some fluid and she put a drip into him.”

Ms Lawrence said they set up a humidity crib and got milk for him.

“He’ll stay in there until he’s got some fur, which will happen over the next four months,” she said.

“His regimen includes having to be tube fed a very specialised milk every three hours a day and night, and he needs his body to be at 32C.

“After every three-hourly feed we need to toilet him as well ... they’re like having a very premature baby.”

The shelter has named the tiny survivor Buckley and given his age, Ms Lawrence said, he was lucky to have made it this far.

“I’m absolutely amazed that he pulled through but of course I’ve had great help from some senior carers,” she said.

Ms Lawrence recommended checking all deceased kangaroos for joeys because “they can live in their mother’s pouch for three to five days”.

“Check the pouch but the problem is you can actually end up injuring a joey if you try to pull it out,” she said.

Ms Lawrence said the best thing to do was to call your closest wildlife shelter and stay with the joey until someone arrives to retrieve it.

She stressed the importance of not taking in animals like Buckley yourself because they require very specialised care.

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