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Kangaroos win protection, as HSUS stymies late manoeuvre in California legislature to allow imports of skins for shoes

It was an extraordinarily successful session for animal protection in California, with the capstone being defeat of a maneuver by the government of Australia to repeal a decades-old ban, set to resume in January, on the trade in kangaroos skins and meat.  Led by Humane Society of the United States l...

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Demand for meat alternatives and soy products growing in Australia

Protein or meat alternatives are proving to be a viable market for Australian growers and manufacturers as more consumers turn to plant-based diets. The alternatives, known as meat analogues, are full of protein and are often substitutes for people who do not eat meat. Dean Epps, general manager of...

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Spanish town abolishes bullfights in favour of books

And the score is: Books 1, Bullfights 0. In a refreshing change for a country that loves its bullfights, the Spanish town of Villafranca de los Caballeros, situated about 80 miles south of Madrid, has decided to cancel its annual bullfight and use the nearly $20,000 saved on books and school supplie...

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Judge overturns Idaho's 'ag gag' law in victory for animal rights campaigners

A federal judge has lifted a controversial ban on undercover surveillance inside Idaho's factory farms, delivering a significant victory to animal rights' activists. Judge B Lynn Winmill ruled on Monday that the state's so-called "ag gag" law violated the constitutional right to free speech. "An ag...

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IN THE NEWS NOV 24, 2015

UK bacon and sausage sales down

IN THE NEWS NOV 16, 2015

Is plant protein the new meat?

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