Stop NSW legalising duck shooting

When hunters invade the wetlands that ducks call home, all safety is gone. The tranquility is shattered by the bang of gun fire. Flocks of terrified ducks scatter as unlucky birds feel the sting of shotgun pellets penetrating their body and even breaking bones. If these birds aren't killed instantly, then their death can be a slow and painful one.


Life for ducks in NSW, may be about to get dangerous. Under pressure from the Shooters and Fishers Party, the NSW government has already compromised animal welfare by allowing hunting in national parks, and giving sole power to grant hunting licenses to the Game Council.

Duck shooting was banned in NSW in 1995 due to animal cruelty, but is still allowed on private land. It's estimated that at least one in four birds shot escape wounded, only to suffer from untreated wounds and potentially die a slow and painful death. But now, after nearly two decades of protection from shooters, ducks are under threat of this blood 'sport' becoming legal once again as the O'Farrell government is pressured by the Shooters and Fishers party.

With the Shooters and Fishers Party holding the balance of power in the NSW upper house, ducks need caring Australians to make their voice heard to stop more animals being put in the line of fire.

If you live in NSW, please send an URGENT message to your state MP calling for a public guarantee that our native water birds will not fall victim to more dirty deals with the Shooters Party. And urge them to rethink the reprehensible plan to let sporting shooters loose in our national parks.



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