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Animals Australia is proud to join the international campaign to ban whips. Video reproduced with thanks to Animal Aid (UK) and Environment Films.
Whips Hurt

To beat an animal with a whip is a clear cut case of animal cruelty — unless you are a jockey, and the animal is a horse. Help ban whips in Australia — add your name to the international campaign now!

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Tell Aussie Racing Bosses to Ban Whips

There's no denying that whips hurt. In fact, new evidence suggests that each blow with the whip may hurt horses even more than it would us. ABC's Catalyst has found that, despite their size, a horses' skin is actually thinner and contains more pain receptors than a human's.

The Australian Racing Board's Chief Executive, Peter McGauran, said that if he learnt that whips in racing were injuring horses "Of course, we would do away with the whip."

In this industry that puts profit before lives, physical injury is already a high risk for racehorses. Whipping horses puts them in more danger by inciting their flight instinct. To add insult to injury, a University of Sydney review found whipping does not improve performance or have any connection with winning.

As Mr McGauran himself has said "You can't say you believe it does not inflict pain and then, if evidence was to the contrary, you continue."

But, despite the evidence, the Australian Racing Board still allows horses to be whipped. Join us in calling for an end to the cruel use of whips in horse racing.

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