We're bringing animals back to prime time TV

Animals Australia has launched a new campaign to inspire the evolution of thought and choice that will create a kinder, more compassionate world for all.

LAST UPDATED: 8 December 2020

2020 has been an unforgettable year. We've witnessed a global event that changed our lives and our world. And while for most Australians, strict lockdowns have eased and freedom of movement is returning, for millions of sensitive, intelligent, animals lockdown isn't a temporary measure... it's for life.

It seems almost inconceivable to think that in 2020, archaic production systems that deny animals all quality of life remain legal in this country.

But they do.

Someone. Not Something.

In recent months, analysing why has led us to evolving and re-creating the most potent campaign we had ever launched for factory farmed animals. This time with the goal of addressing the fundamental cause of their suffering and actively creating a kinder world for them.

It was eight years ago that a little flying pig, through the magic of animation, sang of the kinder world he dreamed of. Animals Australia's 'Make it Possible' campaign created the first real public understanding of the suffering and misery in factory farms and, quite rightfully, caring Australians expected governments to respond to their concern and outrage.

Yet eight years later, the battery cage remains legal; crates that cruelly confine mother pigs remain legal, invasive procedures without pain relief are still legal — and slaughter practices that inflict terror and great suffering on animals remain legal.

It is now so very clear that governments cannot be relied upon to bring about change for animals. Equally important for us to recognise is that we can.

And that's why we've spent many months creating a brand new 2020 version of our little flying pig and friends. It's a comeback with a difference... This time it's not about getting governments to change their thinking. These animals, magically brought back to life, will directly ask us, as a caring community, to open our hearts to them, change how we think about them, and make the compassionate choices that will free them from their suffering.

Watch the inspiring new vision:

Because in the same way that factory farms were built to meet consumer demand for animal products, consumer choice has the power to dismantle them.

The animals, as always, will be our greatest allies in this mission. We know that if we can keep our brand new 'Somewhere' television commercials on air, it will activate human hearts and inspire compassionate choices.

This inspiring campaign will remind people what they truly feel about these animals and of their opportunity to embrace choices that are in the highest good of all. Governments have failed these animals. Outdated thinking is keeping these beautiful animals in 'lockdown for life'. But we can shine the light on a different way of thinking... one that sees these precious animals as someone, not something — as cherished fellow beings, not lesser beings.

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