FREE Stickers for youth advocates

FREE Stickers for youth advocates

6 June 2012

This story lives over at Animals Australia Unleashed — the youth arm of Animals Australia.

FREE Stickers!
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What is ‘Unleashed’?

The youth of today are the animals' hope for a kinder world tomorrow. Unleashed arms young people with the knowledge their actions really can have an impact and empowers them to lead compassionate lives. Unleashed was launched by Animals Australia as a space for young Australians to meet like minded people, find out about the issues and be inspired to speak up for animals.

Through interviews with artists young people admire, regular giveaways, and a vibrant forum, Unleashed's growing community has established itself as the hub for young animal advocates across Australia.

To join the movement, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Tell your friends, family and colleagues about us too.

Now just kick back, and enjoy your time in the world of Unleashed!

Animals Australia Unleashed

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