400 million animals saved!

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Last updated 9 August 2016

Millions of animals have been spared their lives thanks to people eating less meat.

400 million in the US alone! That’s how many fewer animals were killed for food in 2014 compared to 2007 as more and more people are choosing to eat plant-based foods. For many of these animals, this means being spared a lifetime of suffering in an industrialised factory farm, something no animal should have to endure.

A report from the United States says that meat consumption has been declining by around 10% every year since 2007! And it’s not just Americans: 1 in 4 Australians are cutting down on animal products or cutting them out altogether.

If you’re part of this growing movement, this statistic goes to show that we’re not alone, and together we’re making a HUGE difference for animals. So here’s a little something to say thank you for making kind choices …

One of the biggest problems people have when considering eating less meat is not knowing how to make good meat-free food. If you love plant-based food, you can help show your family and friends how delicious it can be. There’s nothing more Australian than coming together over food and by cooking for others you can have an even greater impact for animals. Here’s some great animal-friendly recipes that are made to be shared.

Creamy pumpkin and vegetable lasagneEveryone’s favourite, this lasagne is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Mushroom hot potThis is a fun one! Guests get a bowl full of rich and creamy broth and then make their own unique soup combination from a selection of veggies, herbs and tofu. Image: Post Punk Kitchen/Vanessa Rees

Pesto pasta with scorched vine tomatoesSimple and delicious, like all of the recipes from Mouthwatering Vegan.

Chocolate potsA decadent and animal-friendly twist on traditional chocolate mousse, thanks to Jamie Oliver.

Need more inspiration? There’s heaps of yummy recipes here. You might also like to check out these great veg recipe apps for quick and easy access in future. Happy cooking!

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