Rodeo cruelty exposed on national TV

Animals Australia

Animals Australia team

Last updated 5 December 2012

Throughout 2012, Animals Australia investigators have attended rodeos around Australia, witnessing the fear and distress that permeates the arena as animals are taunted in the name of entertainment. A recent story on ABC’s 7.30 exposed some of the cruelty documented, reinforcing the need to end this cruel and out-dated ‘sport’.

When entering the ring, a rodeo rider knows the risks and makes the choice to take part. Bulls, horses and calves are never given that choice. In the noisy, stressful environment of the rodeo arena, animals are provoked into ‘wild’ behaviour and are forced to put their own welfare, and even life, at risk.

If you don’t believe that bullying animals should be entertainment, then click here to add your voice to the call for a ban on cruel rodeo events.