Facebook is warning you off watching this. Are they right?

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Last updated 1 December 2016

Facebook users are being warned about this video, but for animals there is no chance to opt out.

On Tuesday afternoon, we posted a 90 second video that gave a (very) brief glimpse into what goes on inside an Australian slaughterhouse. Overnight, Facebook flagged it as too graphic to be shown without a warning, as it might upset people.

Warning: Graphic content

The truth is, they’re right. This is extremely upsetting to watch. It isn’t something anyone should have to see, which raises the question — is it something any animal should have to endure? When most of us can’t even bring ourselves to watch how animals are slaughtered, is it fair that we ask others to do it for us?

There’s no doubt Aussies care about animals. Most of us have pets at home — and would never want to see them harmed. Yet, this vision from inside one of Australia’s major slaughterhouses is a sad reminder that behind the closed doors of slaughterhouses animals suffer fates few of us could bear to watch. How can we make informed choices about how we treat animals, when animal industries keep their darkest practices hidden?

If you cringe when you watch or hear about cruelty, then you’re not alone. Since this footage was released, thousands of caring people have decided that if they can’t watch it, they won’t buy into it. In the past few days over 5000 people have ordered Vegetarian Starter Kits to start exploring a world of meat-free meals. You can join them by ordering your free copy here.

"I avoided this news story and the video footage because I knew it would effect me heavily. I now can’t stop the tears. I’m one person, but so are all the others signing the petition and changing the way they eat."
- Janelle

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