These people reacting to our live export investigation will restore your faith in humanity

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Last updated 1 July 2016

These caring Aussies live in some of the most marginal electorates in Australia. That means politicians care a lot about what they think. Here’s what they think about the cruel live export trade.

While politicians have been out on the election campaign trail speaking up for themselves, Animals Australia volunteers have been speaking up for animals. And in some of Australia’s most marginal seats: Higgins, Hindmarsh and New England.

In the wake of more shocking cruelty exposed in the live export trade, we asked voters what they think of our Government’s present unwillingness to phase out the cruel trade.

It’s fair to say that if every-day Australians were in charge, the live export trade — and its inherent cruelty — would be a thing of the past.

Everyone’s vote is powerful. That’s why political parties have spent millions of dollars trying to influence your decision on July 2nd. But if you want to use your vote to help those without a voice, then you’ll want to see this:

2016 Live export election scorecard

This election, you helped put animals on the agenda — thank you!

In key electorates we’ve seen candidates change their positions in favour phasing out live export as a direct result of community lobbying. We’ve launched a rapid-response TV broadcast for animals. We’ve had volunteers out every weekend collecting petition signatures for animals and they now number in the thousands. And our work on behalf of the victims of live export has made news headlines in 34 countries.

Animals Australia volunteers speak up for animals in recent weeks

Vote for kindness, every day.

We might only get to cast a vote for political parties every few years, but our choices every single day can also wield enormous power and help shape the world around us.

Click here to download our 2016 election scorecard to give you the power to make an informed vote for animals on July 2nd.

And click here to read our 5 minute guide to cruelty-free living to give you the power to vote for kindness every single day.

This guide is provided to assist supporters’ awareness of the animal welfare policies of parties or candidates contesting the upcoming election. Animals Australia is an apolitical organisation and (in compliance with the Charities Act 2013) cannot endorse any political party or candidate. Authorised by Glenys Oogjes, Animals Australia Inc, 37 O’Connell Street, North Melbourne VIC 3051.