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Last updated 18 April 2012

On Monday night, ABC’s Australian Story profiled the extraordinary journey of Animals Australia’s Campaign Director, Lyn White.

From patrolling the Adelaide Hills in a police car, to filming in some of the world’s most violent slaughterhouses, to walking the halls of parliament house, Lyn White isn’t a woman who daunts easily. But what happened last year in the wake of her 11th live export investigation in Indonesia ignited Australians like nothing before and led to an extraordinary chain of events that captured the attention of a nation.

It was nearly ten years ago that Australian Story first sat down with Lyn as she was about to embark on life as an animal advocate. Lyn’s work and passionate representation of animals since then has led to unprecedented animal welfare advancements in a number of countries, including in Jordan where she acts as an adviser to the Royal Family. Through her work with the Animals Australia team, Lyn’s investigations have dragged cruel animal industries from the shadows in which they were thriving and forced successive governments to be accountable for the animals born into their care.

As audiences who attended ‘an Evening with Lyn White’ will know, Lyn’s unwavering belief in the potential of the human spirit and ability to create a kinder world sustains her work on behalf of animals.

Lyn’s inspirational journey from protecting people to protecting animals has been told through the prism of Australia’s most loved and respected story tellers — Australian Story.

Click here to watch the story online:

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The story will be repeated on Saturday 28th April at 12:30PM on ABC1, and also available on iView.

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