The key to freeing battery hens: YOU.

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Last updated 29 March 2012

When the European Union banned barren battery cages throughout its 27 member countries at the beginning of 2012, everyone should have breathed a sigh of relief. But sadly there was no ‘relief’ in sight for 12 million hens still confined in battery cages — in Australia.

As the list of countries turning their backs on battery cages continues to grow, Australia’s refusal to ban or phase out this cruel system is quickly earning us a national reputation for complicity in animal abuse. With Australian Governments refusing to follow Europe’s lead, hope for millions of hens in now rests squarely with informed consumers.

This was the message Animals Australia’s Campaign Director Lyn White brought to television screens across the country this week, in an eye-opening segment on Channel TEN’s flagship current affairs show, The Project. And as you’ll see, it’s not just us who believe that consumers have the power to free hens from cruelty — the acting Prime Minister does too! (Story begins at 2:40)

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Wednesday night’s story on The Project marked the start of a new nation-wide campaign by Animals Australia to make battery cages history. Soon, radio ads featuring the voice of singer-songwriter Missy Higgins will be broadcast in all major cities, reaching millions more Australians with the message that we can all unite against animal cruelty. Check out what Missy had to say about joining the campaign:

If you feel the same, here are three simple ways you can get involved right now:

  1. Use your consumer power to help hens. Click here to become a savvy shopper, learn how to spot marketing gimmicks, and understand what different egg production systems really mean for hens.
  2. Tell your friends. Or share Missy’s video on Facebook and Twitter. Then tell Coles and Woolies to stop stocking battery cage eggs.
  3. Sponsor a radio ad. Click here to make a donation to help get our new radio ads onto the airwaves.