Dairy's secrets exposed on national TV!

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Last updated 2 February 2011

In one short week the response to Animals Australia’s bobby calf campaign has been overwhelming. Our highly successful newspaper ad campaign was followed by articles in major papers and discussions on popular radio stations.

Consequently, many consumers across Australia are learning for the first time that cows don’t automatically produce milk — but rather are kept almost continually pregnant; their unwanted babies taken from them shortly after birth and slaughtered by the thousands.

And on Feb 2nd — Channel 10’s prime-time panel show, the 7PM Project, aired a special feature on the little-known plight of these forgotten calves.

Please encourage friends and family to watch this story. Exposing the long-held secrets of the dairy industry will inspire more people to become better informed, speak out, and consider cruelty-free alternatives that are kind to calves!

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Three simple ways to help calves today: