Live export corruption allegations linked to Pakistan disaster

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Last updated 15 April 2014

Horrified Australians watched in 2012 as tens of thousands of Australian sheep were brutally massacred in Pakistan. Were these animals the victims of live export corruption?

ABC’s 7.30 uncovered evidence suggesting that a major player in the live export industry falsified documents involved with the redirection of a shipload of Australian sheep to Pakistan, after they were rejected by Bahrain due to disease concerns.

In a case of possible criminal conduct, key export documents related to the shipment of Australian sheep were allegedly ‘doctored’ — allowing the sheep to be unloaded in Pakistan.

Scenes of shocking slaughter followed once the truth about the shipment was revealed in Pakistan’s media, with authorities ordering a ‘cull’ of the animals. One by one, thousands of sheep were stabbed, clubbed and buried alive in muddy trenches in a feedlot — some still alive hours later:

Was the terrible cruelty inflicted upon these animals enabled by criminal activity in the live export industry?

Watch the full story about these explosive corruption allegations on the 7.30 website.

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