VICTORY! Croc 'trophy' hunt trial shut down in NT!

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Last updated 28 March 2014

Crocs in the NT have been spared from gun-wielding tourists, with plans for a trial of crocodile hunting safaris shut down by Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt.

“My view is that there was a risk of cruel and inhumane treatment. That was in my view, inappropriate."
—Environment Minister, Greg Hunt

In 2012 over a thousand Animals Australia supporters spoke out to oppose this cruel plan. Now, the NT government’s proposal is dead in the water.

If the plan had gone ahead, the lives of 50 saltwater crocodiles would have been effectively sold to the highest bidder for ‘thrill kills’, every year. But thankfully these animals will be spared from being maimed and suffering terribly at the hands of amateur hunters.

Thanks to all those who spoke out for our native reptiles!

Did you know…?

It turns out crocs are quick learners! They can learn their own name and have been known to swallow rocks to help them dive deeper. And just like any other animal, crocodiles can experience joy, fear and suffering.

You won’t believe the remarkable true story of the caring Costa Rican man who rescued an injured croc and in the process made a lifelong friend. Click here to meet Chito and Pocho.

Take Action

While crocs may be out of hot water, many other native Australian animals are still in the line of fire. You can be their voice today: