Now you can eat cruelty-free food 30,000 feet above ground!

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Last updated 8 March 2016

You know the times are changing when you can get animal-friendly food in the sky. Here’s some of our favourite aeroplane food — 100% cruelty-free!

Airlines are onto us … They know we want to eat food that’s kind to animals, so they’re serving it up. Check out the delicious options Australian airlines are now offering, all completely free from animal products.


TigerAir knows that what when you’re thousands of feet above ground you want comfort food. Tiger’s in-flight menu offers a tomato, pesto and dairy-free cream cheese toasted sandwich, vegan rocky road and popcorn to snack on.

Tiger also has you covered for any allergies or intolerances. The menu is clearly labelled so that all your questions are answered.


UPDATE: After publishing this article a supporter alerted us to the fact that TigerAir has recently added even MORE cruelty-free options to the menu! You can now order a mexican quinoa salad and a veggie burger during your flight as well.

JetstarImage thanks to SumoSalad.

Prefer something light for your flight? Jetstar has a sweet roasted pumpkin and cous cous salad from Sumo Salad to help you refuel for the next leg of your journey. If you pre-order you can also get a delicious Mediterranean lentil and tabouli salad.

Qantas and International flights

Qantas offer a vegan meal as long as you let them know at least 48 hours in advance. Most airlines also offer vegan meals on international flights. As an added bonus, often the ‘special request’ meals are brought out first, so you’ll get to eat before other passengers.

Offset your flight — for free!

Did you know that you can help offset the carbon from your flight simply by picking the meat-free option on board?

Animal agriculture produces more greenhouse gasses emissions than all of the world's transport.

Every day it’s getting easier and easier to make compassionate choices wherever you are. Demand for cruelty-free food is growing and it’s clear to see that airlines are responding, so much so that you can now get vegan rocky road in the sky!


Together we are powerful. And every time you choose animal-free food, you make a difference for animals and the planet, as well as making a kind choice for your body.

If you’d like to know more about how you can eat to save animals and the planet, we’ve got a great kit to get you started.

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