Supermarket billboards inspire caring customers to shop with their hearts!

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Last updated 26 July 2016

Here’s why we brought a piglet out for a meet and greet in supermarket car parks…

Every day millions of animals languish in factory farms. The high demand for animal products has driven farm animals to severe confinement and cruelty — barred from expressing their natural behaviours and enjoying things that make life worth living.

But in reality, pigs — just like dogs — want to enjoy a life free from harm with lots of belly rubs, playing with friends and foraging for food. Just like this…

Compassionate shoppers might not know it, but a trip to pick up groceries is an important moment for farm animals. The things we put in our trolley can be a vote for cruelty or kindness. So we set out to remind customers that everyone has the power to spare an intelligent and affectionate individual from suffering — simply by making kinder choices.

Supermarket car park ads

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