5 reasons to have a dairy-free Easter

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Last updated 1 April 2014

Easter is coming — and that means it’s almost time to indulge in chocolate eggs!

But before you rush to the shop, spare a thought for what’s inside those eggs. Because whether you care about the survival of the planet, ending cruelty to animals, protecting your own health, or whether you just enjoy really good chocolate, you may want to consider choosing dairy-free.

Here’s why:

1. Because dairy-free dark chocolate is healthier

If you need another reason to eat chocolate, this is it! Dairy-free dark chocolate is high in antioxidants and can even help protect arteries from plaque formation — meaning in moderation it is good for your heart! However, you’ll only reap these rewards if you avoid dairy all together. Dairy milk chocolate, dairy white chocolate, or consuming any dairy with dark chocolate can negate these sweet health benefits. Intrigued? Read more here.

2. Because you don’t need dairy for strong bones

Don’t let the dairy industry pull your leg over healthy bones. Not only is dairy not the only source of calcium — other sources may be healthier for you. Surprised? Click here to get the low-down on calcium, and find out which foods are great for your bones, and
kind to calves….

3. Because bobby calves don’t deserve to die

Unbeknownst to many Australian dairy consumers, over 700,000 dairy calves (called ‘bobby calves’) are discarded and killed as ‘waste products’ of the dairy industry every year. Born only to keep their mothers producing milk, it is standard industry practice for these babies to be separated from their grieving mums and killed before they are one week old. Going dairy-free means chocolate need not be a death sentence for dairy calves. Click here to discover more about the bobby calf trade.

4. Because we only have one planet

Producing dairy is taking its toll on the environment. Dairy cows are not only responsible for approximately 3% of all global greenhouse gas emissions (mostly through methane), the Australian dairy herd also produces more excrement than the entire Australian human population every day! But that’s not all — dairy production also consumes a whopping 12% of all the water used in Australia. On the driest inhabited continent on earth, going dairy-free simply makes ecological sense. Find out more about dairy’s environmental footprint here.

5. Because dairy-free chocolate is amazing

No need to take our word for it — if you love chocolate then you owe it to yourself to sample Bonvita’s rice milk chocolate (including dairy-free white chocolate). Most good quality dark chocolates are naturally dairy-free too, like Whittaker’s Dark Chocolate Block, Noble Choice, and Lindt 70%.

Our top cruelty-free Easter treats

Lindt Dark Choc Bunny

Lindt Dark Chocolate Bunny
These cute little guys are smooth, delicious and readily available in supermarkets. (Note only the dark bunnies are dairy-free)

Alpha Chocolate Eggs

Alpha Chocolate Eggs

Something to get eggcited about! Alpha have a range of fine dairy-free chocolates including large and small eggs. Look out for them at David Jones or The Cruelty Free Shop.

Sweet William Chocolate Easter Bunnies

Sweet William Chocolate Bunnies

All Sweet William do is make really good chocolate. And all Sweet William chocolates are dairy-free! This Easter they’ve brought out Easter bunny multi-packs available at Coles, Woolworths, Ritchies, IGA supermarkets, selected pharmacies and health food stores. (Click here for Australian stockists)

Vegan Chocolate Bars by Go Max

Snickers, Bounty, Milky Way and Mars Bar Doppelgangers
These delights are relatively new to Australia and are amazing. If you’re lucky your local health/specialty store will stock them, or pick them up from The Cruelty Free Shop.

Home made chocolates

DIY Dairy-free Chocolate Treats

There’s nothing quite like making your own chocolates! Melt your favourite dairy-free chocolate in a bowl sitting in a pot of shallow boiling water, then scoop the melted chocolate into chocolate moulds and place some roasted nuts (macadamias are delicious) in the centres. Cover with sprinkled nuts or desiccated coconut and chill.

Or you can even make your own Cruelty-free Creme Eggs!

Here are a few chocolate brands to look out for to help you get that delicious result:

  • Whittaker’s Dark Chocolate Block (confectionery aisle of supermarkets)
  • Tropical Source (fair trade, and lots of delicious varieties. At some supermarkets and heath food stores)
  • Bonvita Rice Milk Chocolate (also fair trade. Bonvita white chocolate is incredible! At health food & specialty stores)
  • Sweet William (their range of chocolate bars are in most supermarkets. They now have dairy-free white chocolate bars too!)

Our delectable dairy-free Easter pack is also guaranteed to please. And click here for more great dairy-free ideas.

If you’re keen to celebrate a deliciously sweet and dairy-free Easter, you’re not alone! We’d love to know what sweet treats are in your Easter hamper this year. Leave a comment below!

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