Livestock industry responds to outcry over saleyards standards

Animals Australia

Animals Australia team

Last updated 13 December 2014

If you wrote to industry leaders last week calling on them to lift their game on saleyards standards, then you may have received the same response from the Australian Livestock & Property Agents CEO as we did.

What’s telling about this message is that it reveals a disconnect between community expectations on animal welfare, and what industry leaders believe constitutes animal welfare in saleyards.

ALPA asserts that “there are laws for cruelty to protect animals in all places including saleyards".

This is half true. There are laws that govern the handling of animals in all places. But unfortunately, Australia’s livestock Codes of Practice effectively bypass some important protections for farmed animals by allowing exemptions from animal cruelty legislation. These exemptions mean that animals in saleyards can legally be treated in ways that would warrant cruelty charges if you did the same to your pet dog.

This double standard for animals who share our homes and animals who are used for profit fails to recognise that all animals can suffer — and profit is not a justification for cruelty. Learn more about these exemptions here.

So if you were one of the thousands of people who spoke out this week — thank you! Gaining adequate legal protection for farmed animals is an uphill battle, but together we have sent a powerful message to livestock industries this week.