Laws couldn't help this shark.

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Last updated 2 October 2014

What happened to this hammerhead shark is against the law. Discovered — fins removed — on a QLD beach, he likely suffered an agonising death. Here’s how you can help stop it from happening again.

First, he is hooked and brought to the surface – unable to breathe.
Then, his fins are brutally sliced off. Finally, the powerless shark is
tossed back into the ocean like rubbish – where he will sink to the
bottom, and drown. It’s a horrific way to die – and the animal that
washed up on a Queensland beach in 2014 would likely have
suffered this cruel fate.

shark finning

Finning a shark at sea is illegal in Australia — but laws are
difficult to police. Sharks like this hammerhead are left vulnerable to
cruelty because of an ongoing demand for their fins — used in shark
fin soup, a popular Asian dish that is now widely available in
Australian restaurants. But the cruelty, combined with the fact that
the fins have no flavour and virtually no nutritional value, has even
convinced world famous chef Gordon Ramsay to campaign
against the dish
being served in restaurants.

While shark fins continue to legally be sold in Australia –
ongoing demand will leave more animals
susceptible to suffering
. It’s
time to BAN the sale of shark fins – and it’s up to you to do it.

Here are three things you can do to help protect sharks from

  1. Contact your MP and let them
    know that the only way to effectively protect sharks from finning is by
    banning the sale of shark fins in Australia.
  2. Sign
    the pledge
    to never buy shark fin soup.
  3. If you spot shark fin soup being sold, take a moment to politely
    contact the restaurant either in person, or by sending an e-mail or
    message via social media to give them your feedback about making kinder
    choices for sharks.