Animals Australia's shocking investigation into Bali's dog meat trade exposed on ABC 7.30

Animals Australia

Animals Australia team

Last updated 20 June 2017

Our latest investigation revealed Bali’s dogs being killed to feed the demand for cheap meat — with unsuspecting Aussie tourists counted among the unwitting diners.

BREAKING UPDATE: Animals Australia investigation sparks Bali Government commitment to close the Bali dog meat trade!

Watch the full story below — or on the 7.30 homepage — then take urgent action for Bali’s dogs.

Save Bali’s dogs

Most Balinese people want to see an end to the cruel dog meat trade, just as all caring Australians do.

With tourism unwittingly fuelling this trade — with up to 70,000 slaughtered dogs being served up in restaurants and street food stalls — visitors to Bali are also in a powerful position to help create positive change.

It is time to turn distress and shock into action. Right now, Bali’s dogs — and the people who cherish them — need your kindness. Take urgent action by adding your voice to the calls of the Balinese people. Help Save Bali’s dogs here:


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