Egyptian vet speaks out against cruelty

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Last updated 6 May 2013

In April 2013, Dr Mahmoud Abdelwahab contacted Animals Australia asking for help.

He had discovered disturbing footage of the brutal treatment of cattle at the two abattoirs in Egypt approved to take Australian animals.

“This action happened yesterday, and today, and will happen tomorrow."

~Dr Abdelwahab

Dr Abdelwahab is a veterinarian with seven years experience in Egyptian abattoirs. He expressed to Animals Australia that animal cruelty in Egypt is rife and that neither abattoir management nor on-site veterinarians intervene to stop cruel treatment.

Egyptian authorities are aware that Dr Abdelwahab contacted Animals Australia and provided us with footage. Courageously, Dr Abdelwahab has chosen to speak publicly, believing that this is the one chance to bring about much needed change in Egypt.

In an extraordinary interview with Animals Australia Campaign Director, Lyn White, Dr Abdelwahab bravely provides a compelling insight into why such practices are routine in his country and why in the absence of enforceable animal protection laws Australian animals will not be safe in Egypt.

Please join Dr Abdelwahab in speaking out for animals in Egypt. Send a quick message to the Egyptian Minister for Agriculture (via the Egyptian Ambassador in Australia), urging the Egyptian government to pass and enforce laws protecting animals from cruelty.


See the footage Dr Abdelwahab provided to Animals Australia and urge Australian politicians to put an end to live animal export here.