Damning evidence of live export atrocities airs on ABC Lateline

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Animals Australia team

Last updated 23 October 2014

Shocking abuse of Australian animals exported to the Middle East by a ‘repeat offender’ has sparked national media coverage and renewed calls for an end to the trade.

As this year’s ‘Festival of Sacrifice’ approached, Animals Australia investigators embraced the challenges of monitoring the treatment of Australian animals in live export markets across the globe. They were hoping never again to witness scenes like those in Gaza last year, when terrified cattle were kneecapped, whipped, beaten and brutally killed.

Tragically, what our investigators documented this year can only be described as animal welfare atrocities.

But the horrific cruelty endured by these animals has not remained hidden, with major media outlets exposing the ongoing failure of the Australian government to take strong action against exporters who have repeatedly shown a brazen disregard for regulations.

Watch the full story below or on the ABC Lateline website.

As revealed on ABC Lateline, Australian sheep in Jordan and Kuwait were once again seen being bound, dragged, stuffed in car boots and left to languish in 40+ degree heat before suffering a painful death by having their throats cut while fully conscious.

And despite the Australian government’s ban on exporting cattle to Gaza following last year’s sickening cruelty, investigators again found Australian bulls in that market, with ear tags identifying Livestock Shipping Services (LSS) — an export company implicated in over a dozen complaints of serious breaches of live export regulations.

These bulls were filmed being stabbed, beaten and having their tails broken and throats sawn open. All the while, for LSS it is ‘business-as-usual’. Inconceivably, a further export permit has been granted to this company to ship even more animals to the Middle East.

Australians were promised that the government’s live export regulatory system would protect animals. It has failed dismally to do so. Animals are being subjected to even worse abuses and the export companies legally responsible are not being called to account.

Don’t let the suffering of these animals be in vain. Demand justice.