More retailers go fur-free!

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Last updated 19 August 2013

In great news for rabbits, dogs, cats, raccoons and other animals, an increasing number of fashion companies are listening to customers and taking fur off their shelves.

Fur is elegant, beautiful, and natural — on animals. But in the form of jackets, vests, glove linings or coat trim, fur can represent immeasurable suffering and cruelty. Few fur wearers understand that animals farmed for fur can spend their entire lives in tiny barren cages. On the last day of their life they may endure anal or vaginal electrocution; gassing; or in some cases they may be skinned alive.

But thanks to the efforts of compassionate Animals Australia Fur Detectives, more and more designers and retailers are now getting the message that fur belongs on animals, not on coat hangers.

Drum roll please…

In response to community campaigning, fashion labels Ladakh and Huntingbird, international department store House of Fraser, clothing boutique Feathers and online retailers Indulge HQ and Illumae Fashion have all joined the growing list of fur-free retailers and designers!

On behalf of the animals, THANK YOU for helping us achieve these significant victories!

Help fashion move forward on fur

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