Watch the moment this 5 year old became a vegetarian

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Last updated 10 July 2015

The moment this 5 year old questioned what the ‘meat’ on her plate was — and found out it was once a who — will break, and then melt, your heart.

There really isn’t anything quite so moving as hearing a crying five year old utter the words, “I just don’t want [the animals] to be chopped up."

Indie-Rose, at the tender age of five, made a profound connection — and the video of her heartbreaking/melting moment has been viewed by millions.

Despite the tears, there is a happy ending to this story: Indie-Rose’s mum has since announced her daughter is “still a vegetarian and hasn’t had meat since" — and adding, “she loves animals, bugs, insects, I’m not allowed to even kill a fly in my house."

Kids like Indie-Rose are proof that the capacity for kindness and compassion is something innate to all human beings (or as we like to say, humane beings).

If this moment of kindness has moved you — pay it forward! Share the good vibes by discovering how your simple, every-day choices can create a kinder world for kids and animals alike!