Rescued turkey Florence Nightingale finds freedom and friends!

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Last updated 7 September 2013

Meet Florence Nightingale, the rescued turkey who now has a happy future and — thanks to Animals Australia supporters — a name of her own.

This little bird arrived at Brightside Farm Sanctuary in much need of some serious TLC. She’d come from a factory farm, where the ends of her toes had been cut off, to stop her and the thousands of stressed-out turkeys from hurting each other.

Confined in that factory farm, she had never known sunshine, fresh air — or peace and quiet. Yet, despite all of these newfound wonders to enjoy, this turkey chose instead to make her place by the side of a sick sheep, called Toby. She cuddled up to him as he was fighting for his life – perhaps seeking comfort, perhaps sensing where comfort was needed

Florence Nightingale sitting with her new friend, rescued sheep Toby
Florence and Toby

When we asked you to help us name this little girl, we were overwhelmed with nearly 1,000 suggestions! But we think it’s only fitting that the affectionate turkey who was looking over her woolly friend be named after the famous nurse, Florence Nightingale, who was known for her unfailing dedication to her patients.

Florence can look forward to a long and happy life ahead, but for now, she remains by her friend Toby’s side as he regains his strength.

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