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Last updated 17 June 2013

We asked Animals Australia commenters to tell us their foster care and adoption stories for the chance to win a prize. Their entries made us laugh, cry and hug our animal family members!

Thanks to fluid ink, the five funniest, most inspiring and most heart-warming comments on our profile on foster carers have won a hand drawn original of this beautiful cartoon.

fluid ink cartoon
Text: “Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers,
for thereby some have entertained angels unawares."

There were so many wonderful comments (you can see them here) — and we want to say a huge thank you to everyone who entered. It was very difficult to choose, but here are the five winners:

Jessi & Bodhi

“He started life as a (failed) working sheep dog. Then he became a research animal for 6.5yrs. He was adopted on death row. Now he’s my best friend- my Bodhi."

Jessi and Bodhi
Bodhi now has a safe and loving home with Jessi.

Kelly & Pusscat

“Found Pusscat limping in yard. Took him to vet. Seemed hopeless going lose an eye/leg if survived. Saved him, but he saved me from house fire waking me up!"

We are very glad that Kelly and Pusscat found each other! Talk about ‘meant to be’.

Jessica & Buster

“Dad told us; ‘Don’t feed that stray cat or he won’t go away’
Days later we found cat food in the cupboard
And ‘Buster’ found his new family"

Buster with Jessica's sister Kenzie
Buster with Jessica’s sister Kenzie. He loves photos!

Karen & Robbie

“My beautiful sister passed away in March. The most precious thing she left me was her beloved dog Robbie. A JRT/Chihuahua who thinks he is a Ridgeback – cute as a button one minute, snarly little grump the next, but oh so adorable…..most of the time anyway! He was adopted from the RSPCA 6 years ago and is helping me get through each day, along with my beautiful Labrador Chloe. Dogs really are angels in disguise – I could not face the days without them."

The unconditional love of an animal is one of life’s greatest joys — especially during the hardest of times.

Britt & Frankie

“She’s chewed my diary, her collar and even my toothbrush! but nothing compares to the bite she’s taken out of my heart. We absolutely love our adopted ‘munch’kin, Frankie!"

Britt and Frankie
Frankie’s definitely got a cheeky grin!

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