Global rally to end greyhound export draws big crowds!

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Last updated 1 June 2016

Caring people from one end of the world to the other have spoken up for greyhounds!

From the crowded streets of Dublin—to a twilit lawn outside Canberra’s Irish Embassy. From the madness of a peak hour rush in Sydney—to a sunny afternoon in Perth. Caring people from one end of the world to the other gathered to lend their voices to the greyhounds who are so cruelly exported to certain death at Macau’s notorious Canidrome racetrack. Thank you!

International rally to end greyhound export cruelty

Our special thanks go to our colleagues at Animals International, and all the amazing volunteers from ARAN, Bring Jack Home, the Animal Justice Party and the ACT Greyhound Support Network for organising such great events. Head to facebook for more photos from the day.

Our colleagues from Animals International, along with our friends from ARAN, marched outside the Agriculture Department in Dublin — joined by hundreds of greyhound lovers eager for justice!

When you raise your voice in compassion for animals — have no doubt that you will be heard. Not only in Australia, but all around the world…

Nearly every day a new article appears in Macau’s premier newspaper, The Daily Times, reporting on the global outpouring of support to protect greyhounds from export, and foretelling the end of the Canidrome’s reign of cruelty.

Macau Daily headlines foretell closure of Candidrome

Give greyhounds a helping hand

Following our explosive exposé of Australian greyhound exports on national television, caring Aussies were horrified. Thousands of people contacted their MP’s and signed the petition to end the export of dogs to certain death. The airlines stepped up too, with Qantas pledging to no longer fly racing dogs from Australia to Macau.

Seeking to fill the gap, the Canidrome sought out greyhounds from Ireland to feed its appetite for gambling — dooming Irish greyhounds to the same isolated and tragically short lives that once awaited dogs in Macau.

Call on Irish authorities to immediately stop sending dogs to die in Macau!

Help end Canidrome cruelty