Glue traps: one step closer to history!

Animals Australia

Animals Australia team

Last updated 4 January 2009

Victory! Victorian Government bans individuals using glue traps for rodents.

Here’s some good news for mice! The Victorian Government updated its Prevention of Cruelty to Animals regulations in December 2008, and one welcome change has been a ban on individuals using glue traps for rodents.

Animals Australia brought this issue to national attention several years ago, leading to a National Consultative Committee on Animal Welfare ‘Position’opposing glue traps. The Victorian ban follows similar bans in the ACT and Tasmania, and we expect other States will follow.

Glue traps consist of a plastic tray filled with non-hardening glue, and are often available in the cheap import stores. Scientific testing (not in Australia) revealed that of 40 mice stuck on glue boards, 35 survived for 24 hours during which they struggled to free themselves, and become coated in the glue. The injuries and distress is extreme, with some mice breaking limbs, pulling out patches of fur and skin, and suffocating as the glue covers their face — hence Animals Australia calling for these cruel devices to be banned.

If you have a problem with an occasional mouse in the house, humane box-style mouse traps are available at hardware stores to enable you to relocate your unwelcome guest!