Gold Coast bid to ban rodeo cruelty fails

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Last updated 1 November 2011

The Gold Coast City Council failed to protect animals from rodeo cruelty when it defeated Mayor Ron Clarke’s motion to ban rodeo events at it’s meeting yesterday.

In a council meeting two weeks ago, Mayor Ron Clarke introduced a resolution that would exclude rodeos and other competitions involving cruelty to animals from future events organised or subsidised by the GCCC, but only 4 out of 13 councillors voted in favour at yesterday’s meeting.

In a feisty debate that lasted an hour and a half, several motions and amendments were introduced and some councillors even considered walking out when Mayor Clarke wanted to show a video depicting rodeo cruelty.

Eventually a motion was passed that does not ban rodeos from Council events, but that requests the Qld State Government to develop their planned draft enforceable rodeo Standards as soon as possible — a weak compromise that will not prevent animal suffering in rodeos. However in better news, an annual rodeo held as part of the council’s Australia Day celebrations — in which a horse died last year — will be discontinued.

Rodeos are a cruel ‘sport’ in which bulls, calves and horses are abused for human entertainment. Animals are physically provoked into displaying ‘wild’ behaviour with flank straps that pull tightly around the animals’ sensitive organs causing them to violently ‘buck’. Due to the undeniable cruelty, rodeos are completely banned in Britain and in parts of Europe and the United States — but not in Australia. Click here to learn more about rodeos in Australia.

You can help!

Please pledge to say ‘NO’ to rodeos, and please also send a thank you message to Gold Coast Mayor Ron Clarke, recipient of Animals Australia’s inaugural Compassionate Citizen Award, councillor Robert La Castra, councillor John Wayne and councillor Daphne McDonald for speaking up against rodeo cruelty.

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