NSW repeals greyhound racing ban

Animals Australia

Animals Australia team

Last updated 11 October 2016

The animal abusers think they’ve won. We’re going to prove them wrong.

Just weeks ago we were celebrating a monumental leap forward for animals. Greyhound racing — along with ‘live baiting’, drugging, fatal injuries, and mass graves — was set to become a thing of the past in NSW.

But since then, immense political pressure and a relentless media campaign have successfully overturned the historic greyhound racing ban.

It seems that again, the interests of animals — to be free from pain, fear and abuse — have come second to the interests of the almighty dollar. The industry and its supporters think they have won.

But it’s not going to end this way.

Our initial disappointment has instantly turned into determination. Not for a moment does this signal that this industry has a future. It remains teetering on the precipice. And one mis-step is all it will take …

The opportunistic politicians who pressured the NSW Premier to overturn this ban are set to have many sleepless nights. Their political destinies are now wedded to an industry whose sense of right and wrong went missing decades ago.

But politicians have forgotten that they have ‘befriended’ an industry where no behaviour, no matter how abhorrent or criminal was off the table, if a race could be won. Sickening cruelty and highly illegal drugs were commonplace ‘training’ methods. Now that prize purses are back on offer it is only a matter of time until they will be again.

It was the support of caring people around the world that fueled the investigations by Animals Australia and Animal Liberation Queensland. It was only because of this support that we were able to expose the immoral practices that this industry had kept hidden for decades.

Now, once again the animals need us. It is our ability to continue these investigations that provides animals with the only hope this cruelty will ever end. Because when the industry takes that misstep — and it is inevitable that they will — our investigators need to be there.


That’s why we’re not wasting energy thinking about what might have been. Our focus is now on what must be done to make the industry’s celebrations short-lived. But this is where we need your help. Going back into battle against this industry again isn’t something we’ve planned for. But it is exactly what we need to do.

This isn’t just about greyhounds. Or kittens, piglets, rabbits, or possums. This is about every animal abused for profit. It’s about every industry that thinks it can bully its way out of obeying what limited laws exist to protect animals.

What happens next will send signals far and wide. You can bet that cruel industries everywhere — from factory farming to live export — are watching.

The greyhound industry didn’t deserve a second chance. It will be up to us to ensure it is its final chance.

Your strength, compassion and support is the reason we are still as certain as ever that justice will prevail.

For the animals,

Lyn White
Campaign Director & Chief Investigator, Animals Australia