Animals suffer as drought continues

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Animals Australia team

Last updated 28 February 2014

The prolonged and devastating drought ravaging many parts of the country continues to take a terrible toll on animals. We can’t make it rain, but there are practical ways to help put food in the mouths of hungry sheep and cattle today.

Some years Mother Nature is kind, delivering rain where and when it is needed. In others, she deals a harsh hand. Right now, thousands of cattle and sheep across Australia are bearing the brunt of at least two years of drought. The resulting lack of access to water and food is leading to tragic consequences.

Urgent short-term relief

Only long-term solutions can solve this recurring problem. Drought is a reality in Australia. But there is an immediate need to feed deteriorating, hungry animals.

Sadly, due to the long distances and logistical difficulties involved with delivering emergency relief, many of the animals in the drought’s worst affected areas are beyond help. For some, the kindest alternative now is euthanasia.

But you can help some of the animals who can be assisted by donating to Aussie Helpers, or to Frontier Services through the Buy a Bale website. (You will be directed to the Aussie Helpers or Buy a Bale websites, which are external and not run by Animals Australia.)

Long-term solutions

The situation facing drought-stricken animals is indeed very tragic and very complex. But ours is a country that regularly endures not only droughts but floods, bushfires, and other devastating events. Tragically, when disaster strikes it is often the animals, who are dependent on humans, who suffer the most. While it’s impossible to prevent such events, long-term strategic action from government and producers will be required to avoid similar crises in the future.

In 2014, the Abbott government announced a drought relief package to address immediate requirements. But industry bodies say there is a ‘long-term policy void’ and a desperate need for drought reform in Australia: to focus on drought-preparedness as well as recovery. This sentiment has been echoed by senior Coalition figures.

There is an Agriculture white paper that has considered these very issues; Consider adding your voice to calls for drought reform, and for long-term strategies to be implemented by contacting your Federal MP today.