Meet the world's happiest vegetarian

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Last updated 1 October 2014

Today marks the start of International Vegetarian Week — and while
there are many reasons to give meat-free living a go, this one is our

His name is Herbie, and he’s possibly the happiest vegetarian in the
world. He was just four months old when he escaped from a
that was destined for the slaughterhouse. The frightened
dash for freedom saw him chased through traffic, and tranquilised. As
fate would have it, the paperwork required for Herbie’s transport had
not been completed — and Herbie was seized by police. The calf’s
pursuit for freedom was successful: Herbie
would live

Herbie will never see the inside of a slaughterhouse.
As the very
first resident of For
the Animals Sanctuary
in New Jersey, USA, Herbie is not only living
life — he’s loving every minute of
Prepare yourself for purest joy,

… and in case that wasn’t enough …

Sometimes the simplest things can make us the happiest. We know that
like us, farmed animals experience fear and pain. But as Herbie
enthusiastically demonstrates, animals have an incredible capacity to
also feel joy in their lives.

Help spread the good vibes by pledging
to try veg
this International
Vegetarian Week
! Not only to spare animals from the stress and
fear of
factory farms and slaughterhouses – but because, like Herbie, they
simply love life and deserve
to experience joy, too!