A story of Hope

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Last updated 12 September 2013

This beautiful girl is Hope. Born at a piggery, her fate was almost certain.

She would either be fattened up before slaughter, or else would enter the same cycle of pregnancy and confinement forced continuously upon her mother. Hope’s remarkable story has inspired thousands of people, and will hopefully inspire change for other pigs not as fortunate as her.

Before escaping from a piggery, Hope’s life looked very bleak. There, Hope’s mum and other sows were kept in crates so small they couldn’t turn around. The relentless boredom would have driven some insane, while the constant rubbing against the bars that confined them would have resulted in pressure sores for some and lameness in others. The pigs there would never feel grass beneath their feet, only concrete and metal.

Kept inside their entire lives, the only time they would experience sunlight would be when they were no longer seen as useful or productive and were sent to be killed.


It is from this nightmare that Hope escaped one night. Found beside a busy highway, she was soon on her way to a peaceful life at Edgar’s Mission . There she was showered with TLC and managed to overcome her fear of people.

Like all pigs, Hope is full of charm and character. So much so that she claimed the role of pig ambassador, travelling far and wide proving how personable and intelligent pigs can be. She was more than happy to meet new people, too – after figuring out that the presence of humans invariably led to scratches and tummy rubs!


But now Hope is retired. These days she spends a lot of time relaxing in her wallow, or curled up in her straw bed dreaming piggy dreams. If she can find time in her busy schedule, she wanders about Edgar’s Mission saying hello to all her animal friends. It’s not a bad life, and it’s a life that is vastly different to the one she was born into.

Of course, she still loves people and tummy rubs – but how can she possibly find the time for work? After all, there’s dozing in the sun to catch up on, and all those friends to spend time with.

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Thanks to Edgar’s Mission for supplying Hope’s photos and for providing sanctuary for her to live out her life in peace. And thanks to you, for caring. Every meal is a choice. Animals like Hope are depending on us to make kind ones.