Here' how everyday Aussies are working together to end factory farming.

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Last updated 26 August 2015

Factory farming may be a huge problem — but the solution is simple.

The bad news: factory farming is the biggest animal welfare crisis facing the world today — there’s no two ways about it. With billions of animals suffering worldwide – all for the sake of cheap and nasty (literally) eggs and meat – it’s a problem that can feel overwhelming.

The good news: There IS a solution – and it’s easier than you might think. Hundreds of thousands of people have already committed to end factory farming – and what they are doing is making serious waves that are bound to be keeping factory farmers awake at night.

Here’s how they’re doing it:

They’re refusing to purchase factory farmed products.

Supermarkets, restaurants and farmers respond to consumer demand. After all, they will only produce and sell what customers buy. If we don’t buy factory farmed products, then retailers don’t stock them. If retailers don’t stock them, then there’s no market for those products. And if a producer cannot sell that product then factory farmers are forced to change their practices.

By refusing factory farmed products, you too can help to eliminate the market for factory farming.

Try out our tips on refusing factory farmed eggs, chicken and pig products.

They’re cutting down on meat and eggs.

Every meal is an opportunity to make a compassionate choice. By choosing to eat fewer animal products, you can reduce the huge demand that has forced animals to be so intensively farmed. Fewer animals will suffer life in a factory farm, and our environment will be spared the worst destruction caused by mass intensive farming. The ‘Meat Free Mondays’ initiative has taken the world by storm – with schools and universities, major corporations, celebrities and chefs getting behind the cause. Choosing a day (or two … or three!) a week to leave meat off the menu is a great way to introduce cruelty-free living into your life, and reduce your impact on not only animals, but your health and the planet, too!

Try out our tips for eating fewer animal products.

They’re choosing delicious and cruelty-free alternatives to animal products.

The cold hard truth is that as long as people demand such huge quantities of meat and eggs, factory farming will continue to exist. Egg and meat consumption needs to reduce drastically – but thankfully, these days there is nothing drastic about making the ultimate choice for animals by leaving them off your plate! By choosing plant-based foods, not only could you spare the lives of hundreds of animals each year – but you’ll be helping the planet, and could even improve your health (added bonus: think of all the extra animals you could save if you live longer … )

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They’re talking about it.

Knowledge is power! For years, sensitive animals have suffered in silence behind the closed doors of factory farms. It is the pigs, chickens and other animals who are paying the price for cheap products in fast food restaurants and on supermarket shelves. This demand would never have occurred had consumers known how animals were treated.

Simply by having a conversation with family and friends, or by sharing a post on your facebook page, you could be planting a seed in someone’s mind that will lead them on a journey of knowledge, empowerment — and kindness.

The simple fact to always remember is that “cheaper equals crueller". By spreading this message, and by empowering people with the information they need to make kinder choices for animals – together, we WILL create a world without factory farming!

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