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Last updated 31 October 2014

Caring people in Port Adelaide and Fremantle have grabbed national media attention — flocking to protest a controversial export company loading animals for the Middle East.

Only minutes after fresh evidence of live export atrocities during the ‘Festival of Sacrifice’ aired recently on ABC Lateline, word arrived that the exporter responsible was preparing to load another shipment of Australian animals in Port Adelaide and Fremantle.

This company, Livestock Shipping Services, has been implicated in more than a dozen complaints of serious breaches of live export regulations over the past year, including repeat abuses in Gaza. Yet the Australian government is allowing them to operate business-as-usual.

We knew we couldn’t let this ship sail unchallenged — so with just hours to spare we called on Animals Australia supporters in Adelaide to join us for a flash rally at the port. In true form, South Australians again made their voices heard loud and clear — blanketing the evening news:

Live export flash rally, Pt Adelaide 23 Oct 2014
Photo: Stephen Laffer via The Advertiser.

Then, as the notorious ship docked in Fremantle, our friends at Stop Live Exports picked up the relay baton and called for caring West Australians to make their voices heard — with nearly 200 people turning out to speak up for animals!

Photo: Jen Regan - Live export Fremantle rally crowd 30 Oct 2014
Photo: Jen Regan via Stop Live Exports

These rallies sent a powerful message to Canberra that caring Australians want an end to live export. That they will not accept the ongoing failure of the government to enforce live export regulations — or to take appropriate action against those who disregard the rules.

They also demonstrated yet again how strongly our community opposes animal cruelty, and that when animals need a voice, compassionate citizens will be there…

Weren’t able to make it? You can still demand justice.


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Feature photo: Port Adelaide rally via Twitter – @MattBonser