IKEA introduces veggie 'meatballs'... to help save the world!

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Last updated 14 April 2015

Determined to reduce their carbon footprint, IKEA is rolling out a new cruelty-free menu to help battle climate change.

It’s the day that Australian animal lovers and fans of flatpack furniture have been waiting for. On April 27th, the Swedish homewares phenomenon will begin serving their hotly anticipated veggie ‘meatballs’, or gronsaksbullar.

“The vegetarian meatball will go global in April and have 50% less carbon dioxide than a normal meatball. It’s healthier and better for the planet."
— IKEA Chief Executive, Peter Agnefjall

The veggieball launch follows concerns IKEA had about their carbon footprint, as revealed by figures in their recent Sustainability Report.

IKEA decided to look for innovative, eco-friendly solutions, and found a big opportunity to lower their impact on the environmentand heighten their animal welfare credentials.

Recognising that animal agriculture is a major contributor to carbon emissions, and that reducing meat consumption is a simple way to address this issue, IKEA boffins bunkered down to perfect the recipe for a meat-free-ball to serve in their hugely popular restaurants.

Packed full of protein-rich vegetables, the new IKEA veggieballs are better for animals, better for you, and better for the planet. Requiring far fewer resources to produce, essentially eliminating methane emissions, and even needing less energy to cook — gronsaksbullar are the cruelty-free, sustainable menu option most in line with IKEA’s dedication to sustainability, the environment, and good health (don’t worry though, you can still get them with chips on the side…).

Three easy ways to help animals — and the planet

  • Tackling carbon emissions isn’t just for international superstores! Discover how simple everyday choices can help combat climate change — and be kind to animals.
  • For more delicious meat-free treat ideas, check out the free Make Food Good cookbook, created in collaboration with Fry’s Family Foods, and veggie-based foodie bloggers.
  • Take your friends to IKEA on April 27th and treat them to lunch! (The gronsaksbullar will also be available in take-home freezer packs so you can indulge in a cruelty-free Smorgasbord whenever the urge hits to put on your Swedish hat and go crazy with some lingonberry jam on the side.)