Outraged Israelis call for end to live export

Animals Australia

Animals Australia team

Last updated 12 December 2012

People the world over are calling on Australia to end the cruelty of live export.

Thousands of Aussies have called on MPs to end live exports following last night’s shocking expose on ABC’s 7.30. Hundreds of Israelis have also taken to the streets after vision of abused animals — many exported live from Australia — was aired in Israel.

No-one can defend animals being hit, punched, and shocked excessively with electric prods before enduring a terrifying and fully conscious slaughter. All this in an abattoir that was recently approved by the Australian Government under the live export assurance system.

By continuing live export, Australia sends the appalling message that we approve of cruelty. Caring people the world over agree: live export must end.

Watch Animals Australia’s exclusive interview with the Israeli investigator who conducted the investigation:

Join the Israeli protesters and lend your voice to the animals by telling your federal MP that live exports must end.