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Last updated 29 January 2015

This little piggy aims to touch millions of hearts … with your help.

Two years ago, we embarked on a journey that was as ambitious as it was so very desperately needed. A journey on behalf of the millions of animals, who suffer in silence behind the walls of Australia’s factory farms. The time had come for Australians to know their story, and who better to tell it … than this little piglet.

The life-changing Make it Possible ad, featuring the iconic flying piglet, has touched millions of people and had a huge impact that has been felt across the country. And it is this award-winning ad that we’re about to expose to millions more, with your help:

We’ve witnessed historic commitments from major companies such as Coles, Woolworths, McDonald’s and Subway. They are responding directly to their customers, and to the wider public whose choices are forging a new landscape … one that is moving us ever closer to a factory farm-free Australia.

Two thirds of Aussies have left a factory farmed product on the shelf

Times are changing — and momentum is on our side. That’s why we’re turning things up.

This year, our goal is not only to sustain the public presence of Make it possible – but to increase it.
Our taxi ads have been reaching one million people every single day. And as of this Sunday – we’ll be reaching millions more.

The landmark Make it Possible ad will be airing on television NATION-WIDE! In fact, with the help of one of Australia’s top media buyers, we have been able to secure television ad spots that will mean that every Australian over the age of five will have the chance to see Make it Possible ads on their TV screens this year!

And when you’re not seeing pigs fly in our award-winning one minute video, you’ll be seeing your feathered friends with some of Australia’s most-loved comedians in our touching ‘That ain’t no way to treat a lady‘ ad, which will be on high circulation over coming months.

Make it Possible taxi adsStuck in traffic? Try being stuck in a cage … for life! Taxi ads are reaching 1 million people every day!

In 2015, we’re firing on all cylinders on behalf of animals. Our plan is to reach every person in the country — and empower them to make choices that will ultimately create a world where factory farms don’t exist.

We believe that animal abusing industries don’t deserve to hide in the shadows anymore … and nor do caring Australians deserve to be kept in the dark. Help keep these ads in the public domain for as long as possible — and reach as many people as we can — by joining the Make it Possible fighting fund.

Together, we WILL create a kinder world – by ending factory farming once and for all.

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