Kind Aussie's embrace Cage-Free Workplaces -- for the hens!

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Last updated 1 May 2015

Since launching last year, more than 2,000 businesses have signed up to Animals Australia’s Cage-Free Workplace program, and made a pledge to help free hens from cruel battery cages. Here’s introducing just a few of the kind companies leading the charge!

Australians from all walks of life — in businesses as diverse as hardware stores and sports clubs, legal offices and travel agencies — are heeding the call to be kind to hens. Will your workplace be next?


In amazing news for hens, Adelaide’s biggest aged care provider has joined thousands of other workplaces that are helping to forge a cage-free future for hens.

Residents of Auscare proudly display their Cage Free Workplace magnets

"We’ve all seen those horrific images of chickens crammed tightly within small spaces and quite frankly, we’d like to make a stand against it. We hope Auscare inspires other businesses."
- John Heron, Managing Director, Auscare

Meridian Nursery

Masters of sustainable gardening, the staff at Meridian nursery think the world should be as green, kind and natural as possible — and that vision definitely doesn’t involve imprisoning sentient creatures in factory farms.

Meridian Nursery team members

[PLUGIN type="quotation" quote="Meridian Nursery took the pledge and signed up to be a ‘Cage-Free’ workplace without hesitation. As a business, and with all the staff here, we have discussed at length the intensive farming practices involving chickens, and each and every one of us will do whatever it takes to get the message out there that this practice will only come to a stop when there is no more commercial demand."]

Seymour College

Seymour College is an independent school for independently-minded young women — and these compassionate and enterprising girls agree that keeping ladies in cages is so not cool!

Seymour college students and staff

[PLUGIN type="quotation" quote="Even those who still have cage eggs in their fridges at home might consider the kinder options next time they are gazing in the egg department at the supermarket."]

Cedar Hospitality

The Cedar Hospitality team know what it’s like to work under pressure — but the streamlined Cage-Free Workplace pack allowed them to seamlessly incorporate more compassionate choices into their days.

Cedar Hospitality team members

[PLUGIN type="quotation" quote="It was a great opportunity with very little cost to encourage a change of attitude, and the campaign package was easy to use…"]

Northern Rivers Community Legal Centre

The Animal Law and Education Project is a volunteer project of the Northern Rivers Community Legal Centre that aims to advance animal welfare through the legal system, and engage in law reform and community education activities to improve the legal protections for animals. With admirable goals like that, it’s little wonder they signed up to be a cage-free workplace!

Northern Rivers Community Legal Centre team members

[PLUGIN type="quotation" quote="We hope the publicity (sb)of our Cage-Free Workplace launch(/sb) will encourage other community organisations."]


Cage-free workplace — to cage-free life!

The great news is you don’t have to be in a workplace in order to create a kinder world for hens! The real power is in your hands — and your shopping basket.

Every time you go to the supermarket, or order a meal out, you have the choice to not support an industry that confines hens to short and miserable lives in tiny wire cages where they can’t even stretch their wings. This same industry destroys millions of defenceless male chicks every year — by gassing or grinding them up alive — on their very first day of life, because they’re considered ‘useless’.

But you can help put the chicken before the egg by finding out what the different labels on egg cartons actually mean — we’ve compiled a simple no-nonsense guide to help you cut through the confusion and make truly informed shopping decisions.

If you’re ready to make the ultimate choice for hens, and cut out cage-egg cruelty completely, we’ve got some great tips for ditching eggs from your menu altogether. And with plenty of fantastic egg-free recipes for sweets and savouries, every day can be sunny side up — for you, and the hens!