Joining forces globally to end live export cruelty

Animals Australia

Animals Australia team

Last updated 4 March 2014

In a joint initiative to end live export, Animals Australia and Compassion in World Farming have been working together to protect animals across the globe.

Evidence gathered by Animals Australia and Compassion in World Farming investigators has exposed the brutal handling and slaughter of animals exported from the EU to Turkey and the Middle East. These harrowing images have shocked caring people in the EU; galvanising many to call on their governments to take action.

The extent of this cruelty may have been unknown to authorities in exporting countries. But not any longer! Thanks to this collaborative effort, Agriculture Ministers in the five EU member states that are the biggest exporters of live animals — Bulgaria, Romania, France, Hungary and Germany — are now fully aware of the horrendous treatment faced by their animals when exported.

Live export is a global problem, and the animals involved deserve protection — regardless of where they’re from. With your support, we’re providing a strong, united front worldwide, to raise public and political awareness of the risks faced by animals in this cruel and unnecessary trade.

Our UK friends at Compassion in World Farming have been working vigorously — and creatively! — to shut down live export. This international collaboration strengthens their efforts and ours; offering hope to animals world-wide for an end to their suffering in the live trade.

Animals Australia is committed to creating a kinder world for all animals, and we will continue working with overseas governments and animal advocates to achieve meaningful improvements on the ground in these countries. Click here to find out more about our international work.

You can see the Animals Australia and Compassion in World Farming live export investigation footage in the video below. Please note that the video contains graphic images.

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