Victory! Investigation leads to closure of horror slaughterhouse

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Last updated 15 April 2009

Animals Australia’s investigations lead to the closure of a Jordanian slaughterhouse, sparing countless animals from a treacherous fate.

You may recall that the 7.30 Report featured the footage of a bull being brutalised in Jordan that was documented by Animals Australia’s investigators. Even though 7.30 Report only showed a few seconds of the barbaric treatment this poor animal endured, the footage shocked Australians.

In the months since, Animals Australia has been working with our international colleagues Compassion in World Farming to lobby the Jordanian authorities to close this abattoir. An impasse had been reached with authorities committing to close the abattoir in the future — a decision we couldn’t accept knowing the scale of daily suffering that this facility was responsible for. So we set our writing teams in action…

Members of the Action Network sent emails to Jordan’s Queen Rania asking the Royal family to intervene, providing a link to the footage on our website. These emails were forwarded to the King’s sister, Princess Alia, a passionate animal advocate and the President of the Jordanian Humane Centre for Animal Welfare. Armed with Animals Australia’s footage and emails of concern from Australia, Princess Alia personally intervened. As a result, this brutal abattoir and also the main livestock market where Animals Australia investigators filmed cruel treatment of Australian sheep have been closed down. This outcome, which will save countless animals from unimaginable terror and suffering, could not have been achieved without the efforts of our Action Team members.

Animals Australia’s work in exposing the cruelty endured by Australian live exported animals in the Middle East is also resulting in much needed change for non-Australian animals in the region.

Importantly — we have been able to reveal just how flawed and misleading one of the live export industry‘s public defences of their trade is. We regularly hear their carefully crafted PR mantra that they ‘need to export animals in order to improve welfare in the Middle East’. As Animals Australia’s achievements in Jordan and Egypt have proven, it is exposing and opposing cruelty that creates change — not participating in it by supplying millions of animals each year to be cruelly treated.

Princess Alia has expressed her heart-felt thanks to Animals Australia for documenting this evidence and to our supporters for bringing their concerns to the attention of the Jordanian Royal Family.

None of Animals Australia’s crucial investigations in the Middle East could have been undertaken without the financial assistance of our supporters and members. Our work is achieving results, but there is much still to be done.

You can make a vital contribution to support Animals Australia’s important work to expose and end the cruelty endured by animals exported to the Middle East. Every dollar donated will assist us to continue to expose the suffering the live export industry is responsible for.

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