Vegan Kentucky Fried Chicken launch sells 5 hours!

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Last updated 28 August 2019

Vegan Kentucky Fried Chicken sells out … in 5 hours!

The fast food giant has this week become the USA’s first quick service restaurant chain to trial the rapidly-growing vegan meat brand, Beyond Meat‘s plant-based chicken. The company trialled the popular alternative to its traditional menu of factory-farmed chicken options at a specially designed green restaurant in Atlanta, USA.

The response was incredible — drawing “crowds that wrapped around two city blocks and bumper-to-bumper cars that looped twice around the drive-thru" according to

KFC’s President has said that their new vegan chicken is “so delicious, our customers will find it difficult to tell that it’s plant-based." – and it looks like some of the lucky ‘Beyond KFC’ customers agree:

As awareness of the animal welfare and environmental impacts of animal agriculture continues to grow, demand for plant-based alternatives is booming globally – and companies are listening! The results of this one-day trial would reportedly inform whether or not KFC, which owns more than 4,000 stores in the USA, would roll the ‘BeyondKFC’ options out nation-wide

While KFC Australia has said they have no plans to bring meat-free chicken products to the Australian market, they’ve also said “never say never" … so you know what that means: keep asking!