Kids: Help crack Macca's on cage eggs!

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Animals Australia team

Last updated 24 July 2014

Cage eggs aren’t cool. We know it. You know it. Kids know it. But McDonald’s Australia just isn’t getting it. So we’re recruiting the help of kids to convince them!

Children and animals — it’s a tale as old as time. If you’ve ever seen a child and a dog, cat, chicken or any other animal together, you’ll have witnessed the unique bond they share.

But how many children you know would support keeping chickens in cages?

McDonald’s invests big money in advertising, because they care what kids think of them. Yet right now, every hen who lays eggs for Macca’s in Australia is confined to a battery cage.

This is despite McDonald’s restaurants throughout the EU no longer using cage eggs and their corporate principles stating animals should be ‘free from cruelty, abuse and neglect’.

Thousands of people have contacted McDonald’s to ask them to stop using cage eggs, and McDonald’s has been full of excuses. But there is one group of people that they will know their excuses won’t fly with: children.

Its time for McDonald’s to hear what the kids of Australia think of keeping hens in cages.

Thankyou packIf you have a child who cares about animals, or you know someone who fits that description, we want to help them make their voice heard! And to say thanks for speaking up for hens we’ll send them some fun stickers and a fridge magnet PLUS a petition to get their friends on board!

Here’s what to do:

Grab your kids and help them compose their personalised message asking Macca’s to free chickens from cages. You can do this one of two ways:

  • Write a handwritten letter (and take a photo of your child holding their letter); or
  • Film a short video message — whether it’s 5 seconds or 5 minutes — it doesn’t matter!

When that’s done, complete the form below to send it to us and we’ll make sure Maccas gets the message that kids want to see hens freed from cages!