Here's to Kind Dads this Father's Day!

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Last updated 7 September 2014

It’s Father’s Day today, so we’re celebrating Kind Dads.

Last week we asked you to send us your ‘Kind Dad’ stories. And you delivered! Going through the heartwarming contest entries was was pretty much the funnest thing we got to do this week. With so many amazing Kind Dads out there, we’re convinced that every single one of them deserves a prize! But there could only be two ‘winners’, and here they are. Be sure to click through the photo gallery below to read some more inspirational stories from other entrants!

Melissa won a cruelty-free Father’s Day gift pack for her Kind Dad, Graciano:

Kind Dad Graciano
“My dad has the gentlest and most compassionate heart – he is such a good dad to all of our rescue animals at home. He loves every one of them as if they were his children! He is vegan and wouldn’t harm a fly and I’m so proud to call him my dad." — Melissa

And Jessie won a gift pack for her Kind Dad, Kevin:

Kind Dad Kevin
“My amazing dad Kevin is the kindest person I know. As well as being a paramedic and a volunteer firefighter, he is also very compassionate to animals. The attached photo was taken in January 2013 after he had just returned home from days of fighting a bushfire that wiped out much of our small town, as you can see our dogs were very happy to have him home." — Jessie

We received so many other lovely submissions! Click through our photo gallery below to see some of the other Kind Dads out there:

  • Frankie

    “My father Frankie was a kind and gentle man, who loved animals – His patron saint was saint Francis of Assisi, he passed this kindness to me…I learnt from him that all creatures great and small mattered, I will be eternally grateful for this…I passed this to my children, so his legacy will go on and by virtue my father will have made a difference for animals." — Tracey
  • Ronald

    “My dad Ronald taught us always to be kind to and value animals. One afternoon he said, “Follow me!" and took me down to the bottom of our garden to show me a flock of owls roosting in a tree. A flock of owls is quite rare I think. Every afternoon we used to quietly head down to the bottom of our 2 acres to watch them. Another time we were about to drive across a small bridge when Dad quickly stopped the car. After explaining why, he got out and conducted traffic while mum and I helped the two turtles crossing the bridge to get to the creek bank. I now have children of my own and I pass on his values of kindness and respect to animals." — Helen

  • Mark

    “Mark is a kind Dad because he keeps our tummies full of nutritious and yummy vegetarian food! He makes us laugh and dances with us every morning. He sings duets with our vegan dog and the rescue chickens follow him everywhere when he talks in chook language." — Amber
  • Bill

    “My husband Bill is a very kind Dad to both our 14 year old daughter Catherine and our feathered friends (6 chickens) and 2 cats. He is always looking after people and animals and is very thoughtful." — Katrina
  • Chris

    “Chris is the kindest dad I know. He will do anything to protect animals. When he was driving to work, the pooch in the pic ran out in front of his car. Chris immediately stopped to pick her up and make sure she was safe. He then took the time to find her home by calling the council and door knocking, even though this resulted in him being late for work. Chris does this with all animals great and small, and all the time. Anything from injured birds, ducks, to baby possums, cats and dogs and whatever else crosses his path. He will always stop to help." — Hayley

  • Howard

    “My dad Howard is my inspiration. He is the kindest person I know. He is a community development worker who has dedicated his life to helping others, particularly underprivileged youth. He has volunteered countless hours serving his community. My dad’s heart doesn’t just extend to the human type – he loves animals and taught us to love and care for all creatures in this world – we are vegetarians and have always had a menagerie of rescued animals. This is a photo of us with our kooky border collie Jedley. I have him to thank for my love and dedication to animals. I’m so proud to call him my dad – he’s amazing!" — Jessica

  • Desmond

    “Even at my wedding he stopped to feed a horse! My Dad Desmond loves animals, works hard every day to end animal cruelty, is a vegan and an animal rights activist. He has written essays about bobby cows, protested live exports, but it is the way that he handles animals that is truly kind and beautiful to watch. He is gentle, loving and respectful with them, and they love him!" — Roz

  • Pete

    “This is my dad Pete holding my rat Molly at Christmas time one year, a rough and tough crane driver gently cradling a small white rat 🙂 He also helps care for my insulin dependent diabetic dog by ensuring he gets his 7am and 7pm insulin shots every single day. For Fathers day this year he’ll be getting his favourite kind of gift to get, a donation on his behalf to the local dog shelter. I’ve been truly blessed with a father who has brought me up teaching me the values of respect, compassion and care for all animals. I honestly couldn’t wish for anything more." — Laura

  • Lyndon

    “My husband Lyndon grew up on a farm and has always had a soft spot for all creatures, this is a photo of him with our duck when she was a baby, even when she was a fully grown peking she would still try and sit on his shoulder." — Amba

  • David

    “David is a huge man, 6 foot four inches tall, who has been a committed vegetarian (now vegan) long before I met him 25 years ago. He has a house full of rescued pets- a three legged labradoodle, a blind elderly cat, a long neck tortoise and most recently a stray cat that was found malnourished and injured on the railway line behind his home. David has 3 daughters, aged 17, 14 and 11. His girls are strong, active and incredibly healthy. I think it’s because David’s vegan cooking is so sensational. His soups lasagne and spinach rolls are legendary in our neighborhood." — Fiona

  • Mark

    “My husband Mark is incredible, he has struggled with health issues, but he is always ready to play with the children, help them with the homework and read them books at night. He is amazing with my daughter and treats her like his own. I ache to see how tired he is most days but it warms my heart to see that even though I know how tired he is and how his body aches and so weak he never fails a smile and cuddle for me and a play on the trampoline or a run around at the park with the girls, I am so very blessed to have him a true God send." — Caroline

  • John

    “My Dad John is a kind & generous man. Although he is retired, he spends much of his time helping others. He visits his Mum a lot, and he pays many visits to grand children and children to help them. He always shares his home grown veges, and home made jam, olives, bread and slice. He also spent a lot of time volunteering at a Men’s Shed and always makes the effort to keep in touch with me and send me nice emails. He disagrees with the Live Export trade and has signed my petitions before. I have written a thank you song to him for Father’s Day :)" — Nina

  • Dennis

    “As if being vegetarian for 40 years wasn’t kind enough to animals, my dad Dennis has recently gone vegan. That’s quite impressive when you’re nearly 70! Although he’s the other side of the world he takes a keen interest in animal rights in Australia because it’s something I’m involved in. He regularly donates to animal charities both here and in the UK, chats to me for ages about the latest issue or campaign I’m working on, helps me come up with ideas and gives me advice. My dad lives a life that is kind to both animals and me!" — Hazel

  • Brett

    “Brett is the best Daddy to our little Princess Ineka (8yo). He teaches her to navigate the world with value – of other people and all creatures great and small. He believes in her like no-one else. He encourages her to make her own decisions, trust her instincts, and value difference. Most of all he knows that a playful spirit and a kind heart is all you need to begin this wonderful journey called life." — Lynda

  • Garrick

    “Garrick always goes out of his way to help sick or injured animals – whether it is rescuing bob tails from having their heads stuck in coke cans or catching injured birds and taking them to Fawna rescue service. Nothing is too much trouble or too hard." — Polly

  • David

    “My dad David is a kind Dad because he has brought my sister and I up in a world of compassion, not only towards people but animals. My father raised my sister and I on vegetarian diets and has spent much of his life and early retirement helping me help animals of all shapes and sizes. He is the reason I hold animals in my heart and soul, and he is the reason why I have stuck with my vegan diet so long. He has worked so hard for not only us but for all creatures great and small." — Emmah

  • Michael

    “Michael is the best dad to 4 cats (all rehomed), buys their favourite food, gives them their tablets daily, vegetarian, loves birds & feeds them in the back yard, took the in laws dog for a walk when they couldn’t, has been to every Ban Live Export rally, Stop the WA Shark Cull, Oscars Law U Pound Reform. He is the best dad to Ginge, Stumpy, Tom & Holly (his princes) and a wonderful human being!" — Liz

  • Andrew

    “Andrew is as kind a Dad can ever be for our daughter. He is ever so patient and playful. He spends hours helping her with her studies and painting paper m√ɬ¢ché clowns for her birthdays. He is inventive in entertainment for her and cooks her healthy meals. I wish I had had a dad like him. I’m grateful that our daughter has the privilege to be his. And he is also the best Dad for our beautiful German Shepherd!" — Marcela

  • John

    “John does everything for everyone else & tries to be our superhero. He has always done the same for our pets. Our cat was hit by a car and had two broken legs and two broken hips. He just paid for the surgery which was very expensive. He gives all the pets so much love. Here he is with the puppy working." — Alanna

  • Michael

    “Michael is a devoted father to 2 beautiful girls & 6 fur babies & will do anything to help a person or animal in need, whether it be buying a meal for a homeless person or carrying dog food in his car to help him rescue strays & is passing these traits on to his daughters." — Rebecca

  • Craig

    “Kind Dad Craig gives up most weekends to volunteer for Sea Shepherd or go out and protest for animal rights." — Samantha

  • Alan

    “My dad Alan is unique and one of a kind, His knowledge so great it blows your mind. A man of faith and love so great, My dad is amazing and also my mate. He knows what’s best and helps me to rest, When the monsters and dangers come out to arrest. I love my dad, He’s wonderful can’t you see? When I need him the most, He cuddles with me!" — Annie

  • Alex

    “My dad Alex is not only kind but he’s sweet and funny and everything anyone could want in a dad. This is him as a 7 year old with his two best mates 🙂 He is an environmental engineer who works at a coal terminal. He has made the environment within it so clean that they have a flock of ducks who live onsite and they even discovered a very rare and endangered species of frog that is flourishing there!" — Lisa

  • Hugo

    “Hugo is the kindest dad in the whole world because he always puts everyone else before him. He is never too busy for others. This is a photo of when our daughter was 4 months old. Hugo was lovingly nursing her in his arms whilst busy working away at the computer; accompanied by our cat Bluey. Although each day is now a massive challenge for him since his stroke almost 3 years ago, he unselfishly gives us strength simply by being the kind person that he is. Everyday we pray for him to get better and better, we love him very very much! Oodles of love from his 7 year old daughter, wife, cat, late cat, late dog, chickens, duck and late duck." — Intan

  • Elian

    “We are three girls in the house and because we didn’t have a brother, my Dad ELian was and still our best friend. He was there for us all the time. He gave up most of everything he wanted just to raise us and to see us happy. Because of the war in Syria we had to leave to Lebanon but before that when I used to go to work and he hears gun shot he leaves the house or wherever he was just to come and pick me up and to make sure I’m not hurt. He used to go to dangerous places just to bring us food or anything we need. My Dad is the best dad in the whole world and I’m just proud to be his daughter." — Diala

  • Garry

    “My Dad Garry is always helping people, neighbors, family, strangers. Dad is a volunteer firefighter, putting himself in harm’s way to protect others, he gives blood regularly, volunteered for Rotary Club. He worked full time to support his family without a complaint. He has always had a love of life and caring nature. He is a great father and Poppy. He deserves recognition for his kindness." — Pamela

  • Philip

    “Philip has always had a soft spot for fur babies…many years ago rescuing his first dumped female kitty and now look at him sharing his leisure time in the hammock with the all 3 of his fur babies. You can tell they love him as much as he loves them!" — Nicole

  • Zafran

    “Zafran looks after his new born, he takes care of them, feeds them, cooks for them." — Anam

  • Philip

    “When I was young we had a boxer he was the runt of the litter and had heart condition, my Dad Philip chose him brought him home and he wouldn’t eat so Dad cooked for him and Crispin started eating thanks to my Dad’s determination we had the most wonderful dog in the world." — Nicole

  • Dudley

    “This kind dad was my dad Dudley who l had the pleasure of knowing 53 years. He was one of the kindest dads I know because he taught me to respect and love nature and animals, because he did also. He always had a kind word for everything." — Sandra

  • Derek

    “My Dad Derek is truly a kind person, he would do anything to help me and my animals. He loves animals and does what he can to help reduce their suffering; he went vegan a month after I did. One of my dogs Cody, who passed away earlier this year, absolutely adored Dad. The last two years of Cody’s life he suffered from chronic disc/spinal issues, and would have to be on cage rest. This translated to him being in a large playpen where Dad or I slept with him 24/7. Basically Dad didn’t sleep in his bed for two years because Cody loved him so much. And that’s why I nominate my Dad for kindest Dad." — Moira

  • Ivor

    “My dad Ivor is a kind Dad because makes me laugh and smile with things he does. And he’s always there for me when I need him we just had his 80th birthday to day he has been through a lot lately but he still sees the light side of life and that’s great." — Stephen

  • Graeme

    “Graeme is always thinking of others, helps his family out with tasks & writes lots of letters for worthy causes & charities." — Karen

  • Todd

    “Todd is a kind dad because he will teach his daughter to be compassionate to all living creatures, and he gets up to feed her every night too!" — Leah

  • Kel

    “My Dad Kel brings humour and kindness and inclusion to everything and one." — Anna

  • Samuel

    (Written on behalf of Sneaky) “My dad Samuel is the best dad because he always gives me cuddles and kisses to make sure I know how loved I am. He always gets me special treats and gets me my favourite food. He combs my fur and plays with me even when he’s tired and just wants to sleep. Even at night time when he’s sound asleep, I jump up on the bed and onto his chest so I get a good night’s sleep and it keeps my Daddy up all night. But the most important thing he does for me, is shows me how loved I am every chance he gets. And that’s why he’s a Kind Dad. Love from Sneaky Bon Beakie Spurgeon"

  • Buddha

    “Buddha is our adopted Rottweiler. We brought him home 5 years ago, he was already about 6 years old and we were unsure about how he would be with the rest of the family. Well Buddha turned out to be the big daddy, the protector of all. Extending his kindness and compassion to all, cats, kittens, ducks and even Guinea pigs." — Grace

  • Gilles

    “My dad Gilles is the kindest dad, he taught me how to show respect to animals and how to protect them. He does a lot to be kind to animals, I have seen him jump in the water to protect a swan being attached by a s