Festival of Sacrifice' investigations 2013

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Last updated 18 October 2013

Sheep suffer as live exporters break the rules — again.

In the week leading up to the Festival of Sacrifice 2013, Australian sheep were again found being illegally sold from a notoriously cruel livestock market in Kuwait.

They were destined to be sold to individual buyers for ‘sacrificial’ slaughter.

This very market was the scene of some of the most distressing and confronting cruelty that Animals Australia has ever documented. In 2010 our investigators gathered evidence of sheep being dragged, thrown, trussed and stuffed into car boots and having their throats brutally cut — all while fully conscious.

‘Strict’ live export rules were meant to protect animals from this fate.

But this is the third time Animals Australia investigators have found sheep in this market. In 2012 we lodged our first complaint with the Department of Agriculture. As a result they imposed additional conditions on the export licences of the three exporters who sent Australian animals into Kuwait.

This footage was taken at Al Rai market in August 2012, and sparked Animals Australia’s first complaint to the Department of Agriculture:

On streets, in backyards and in back rooms at markets, countless sheep, during the Festival of Sacrifice, endure the agony of having their throats cut whilst fully conscious. Often killed by untrained hands, there’s no guarantees of a quick end to their suffering.

Despite the additional conditions placed on the exporter, when our investigators returned in February 2013, Australian sheep were STILL being offered for sale from this marketplace. A second complaint supported by extensive evidence was lodged and this investigation was still ongoing — nine months later.

Again, in October 2013, Australian sheep were still there. This time on the eve of the Festival of Sacrifice — a peak time of animal suffering in the region.

Regulations will continue to be disregarded and animals will continue to suffer unless the exporters responsible face severe penalties for breaches.

Ending live export

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