BREAKING NEWS! Live cattle trade suspended

Animals Australia

Animals Australia team

Last updated 8 June 2011

After eight days of intense public pressure following the exposure of horrendous cruelty documented by Animals Australia investigators, the Gillard Government has announced a suspension on the live cattle trade to Indonesia.

A little more than a week ago, shockwaves were sent across Australia as Four Corners aired the results of Animals Australia’s most recent live export investigation — this time in Indonesia.

“After seven years of documenting appalling treatment to exported Australian animals in the Middle East, I didn’t think I would ever witness worse treatment — sadly I couldn’t have been more wrong." said Animals Australia Campaign Director and Investigator, Lyn White.

The graphic images of Australian cattle having their tails broken, tendons slashed, eyes gouged, whipped, and kicked will never be forgotten. Neither will the culpability of Meat and Livestock Australia, which was revealed to have known of the atrocities in Indonesia for more than a decade. Such was the loss in faith in Meat and Livestock Australia and the live export trade that national meat consumption was reported to have dropped by 10 – 15% in one week.

The massive public outcry following the exposé eclipsed the backlash of almost any other political issue in Australian history. Within one week over 200,000 people signed an online petition, over 100,000 Animals Australia and RSPCA Australia supporters had written to the Prime Minister at, and countless politicians were adding additional pressure on the Government to act by speaking out against the brutal trade — many for the first time.

The announcement of the suspension on the live cattle trade to Indonesia is a welcome step towards ending the horrific abuse inflicted on exported animals that were born into Australian care and protection. However, only a complete ban on live animal exports to all countries will ensure that these images are not repeated, and also ensure that Australia sends the strongest possible message to other countries that animals, and their welfare, matters. Animals Australia will continue to campaign rigorously for millions more animals who are destined to be shipped to slaughter in countries where there are no laws to protect them from cruelty.

Please join with us now in a National Week of Action calling for a ban on all live animal exports!

Without the help of hundreds of thousands of caring Australians voicing their concern, this major campaign achievement would never have been realised. Without the support of Animals Australia’s members and donors, this investigation would never have been possible. Thank you.