Live exporters found breaching rules in Kuwait

Animals Australia

Animals Australia team

Last updated 17 May 2013

The live export industry has again been caught breaching regulations and exposing animals to extreme cruelty in Kuwait.

The Australian Government released the official findings of their investigation this week after first receiving evidence of breaches provided by Animals Australia back in August 2012. The official investigation concluded that sheep were being sold and slaughtered outside of approved supply chains at the notoriously cruel Al Rai livestock market in Kuwait.

Animals at this marketplace are known to have their legs bound together, be stuffed into car boots, dragged over concrete slabs, and have their throats brutally cut while fully conscious.

The Department of Agriculture (DAFF) investigation also found other breaches including sheep not being properly restrained prior to slaughter and enduring fully conscious throat cutting with blunt knives that were too short.

In response to the findings, the Australian Government has placed additional conditions on all the three Australian exporters that send live sheep to Kuwait. However, there is little reason to believe that this will be enough to stop the breaches from reoccurring.

All three exporters implicated in the investigation had additional conditions placed on their export licences and practices in Kuwait last November — including the requirement for supply chain officers. Despite this, Animals Australia investigators once again found Australian sheep being offered for sale and slaughter at this market in January — leading to a further complaint to DAFF, which is still under investigation.

The fact that even AFTER extra conditions were imposed on exporters, sheep were still found in this notoriously cruel marketplace, reveals that without tough sanctions, including loss of export licence, it is unlikely that exporters will take their regulatory responsibility seriously.

The tragic reality remains that even if exporters adhere to the rules, Australian animals exported to Kuwait will still endure the horrors of fully conscious slaughter. It’s time to end this cruel trade for good. Click the button below to join thousands of caring people and send an instant message on behalf of animals today.