Live Export Cruelty in Israel Revealed

Animals Australia

Animals Australia team

Last updated 25 August 2011

New footage from Israel has revealed even more widespread cruelty within the live export trade.

Evidence gathered by Anonymous for Animals Rights on 12 August 2011 reveals Australian cattle tightly packed on a truck, caked in faeces and being beaten with spike-tipped poles.

The Israeli footage comes only a week after Animals Australia released new investigation footage from Turkey, revealing the brutal slaughter of animals in that country. Nine previous investigations by Animals Australia have also documented similar cruelty to Australian animals in Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Egypt, Qatar, Jordan, Oman, and most recently Indonesia.

Yet, as this new evidence from Israel and Turkey comes to light, the live export industry is poised to resume the live trade with Vietnam — a country which Meat and Livestock Australia, itself, acknowledges as having “potential welfare issues with animal handling associated with inexperienced handlers if the market resumes".

With damning evidence of cruelty in the live export trade in every country that Animals Australia investigators have visited, and with the tragic death of hundreds of animals on a stranded live export ship in Port Adelaide last week, the systemic animal cruelty of the live export trade could not be move evident.

This evidence of widespread cruelty, and a continued flood of letters and phone calls by concerned Australians has this week empowered Labor backbenchers to call for tighter standards on the live trade. Click here to find out more about this move by Labor backbenchers and to take action to end this cruelty.